Armed with our experienced professional staffs for proper tariff classification, tax filing, prompt customs clearance and inspection, and the know-how that we have built up over 50 years, in addition to the usual import / export declaration, we can respond to our customers’ needs by various declaration methods such as tax exemption, ATA Carnet, and unaccompanied baggage declaration.

In addition, due to through strong cooperation with our partner companies with whom we have a long history, we can handle a wide variety of cargo from receiving orders to packing and shipping arrangements.

Regarding exports or imports stipulated by trade control ordinances, etc., some cargos are subject to laws other than customs-related laws and regulations. There are also cargos that must clear other laws and regulations that stipulate permits and approvals. Among other laws and regulations, our specialty is import declaration of foods, etc., which are particularly sophisticated and complicated, food tax exemption, and exhibition tax exemption.

Main cargo handled: chemicals, fine arts, miscellaneous goods, food