We own a bonded warehouse in Kamome-Cho, Naka-Ku, which is the middle ground between Honmoku and Minamihonmoku Pier. It is where container cargos are concentrated. Due to the favorable location condition, it is possible to temporarily store cargos arriving from foreign countries that have not yet received import permits or cargos waiting for export permits, and reduce costs such as container movement.

Unified handlingin our bonded warehouse

Not only vanning and devanning goods into and out of the containers, but also packing for export cargos (pallet packing of chemical, crate packing of large machines, vacuum packing, etc.), marking and labeling, unpacking and empty crate disposal for import cargos, sorting, storage / inventory management, etc. can all be handled consistently within our own bonded warehouse.

Special Handler

At the packing workshop of our warehouse, our packing craftsmen with reliable skills will carefully and speedily pack the important cargos entrusted to us by our customers. We handle a wide variety of cargos, so please feel free to contact us for packing your large cargos, artworks, as well as for art fairs, etc.

Export packaging example

  • Wooden case

  • Packaging for art fairs

  • Travel frame

  • Wooden Crate

  • Lumber core case

  • Barrier / Vacuum

  • Carton box

  • Machine (motorcycle)